Data Intensive Computing is a computational paradigm in which the volume of data is the dominant performance parameter.
The data intensive computing is rooted in foundational concepts such as data structures, parallel and distributed computations, storage systems, and database systems.
We push high performance data processing technologies to the limit by providing innovative and practical research.

Big Data Processing Framework

We develop Velox , a novel high-performance decentralized big data processing framework. Details about this project can be found at VeloxMR and VeloxDFS .


With the byte-addressability and durability of emerging non-volatile memory, such as spin-transfer torque MRAM (STT-MRAM), ACID principles can be enforced in a more efficient way in DBMS. We develop Eternity , a novel database management system for byte-addressable NVRAM.

Android I/O Stack

SQLite is a server-less database engine embedded in Android, which is often blamed for its poor interaction with EXT4 file system. In this project, we improve the I/O performance of SQLite.

High Performance Machine Learning

We explore the opportunity to leverage high performance computing technologies to accelerate distributed machine learning. This project is in its infancy, but will hopefully be one of the main research themes in our lab.

Scientific Dataset Indexing on GPU

In this project, we have developed several massively parallel tree traversal algorithms for GPUs. Details about this project can found HERE.

Recent Publications

IEEE CLUSTER 2017, "EclipseMR: Distributed and Parallel Task Processing with Consistent Hashing"

IEEE Cloud 2017 [BEST STUDENT PAPER AWARD!!], "Coalescing HDFS Blocks to Avoid Recurring YARN Container Overhead"

ASPLOS 2017, "Failure-Atomic Slotted Paging for Persistent Memory"

USNIEX FAST 2017, "WORT: Write-Optimal Radix Tree for Persistent Storage Systems"

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Beomseok Nam

Associate Professor

Jinwoong Kim

MS/Ph.D program
2011 ~ Present

Moohyeon Nam

MS/Ph.D. program
2013 ~ Present

Wook-Hee Kim

MS/Ph.D. program
2013 ~ Present

Wonbae Kim

Ph.D. program
2017 ~ Present

Ki-Beom Jin

M.S. program, 2015 ~ Present

Jihye Seo

M.S. program, 2016 ~ Present

Deukyeon Hwang

M.S. program, 2017 ~ Present

Vicente A. B. Sanchez

M.S. program, 2017 ~ Present